Beach Club


Immerse yourself in our crystal blue pool and let your body cool soothingly as you relish the feeling of weightlessness aboard any of our cozy pool floats or indulge in any of our rousing pool games guaranteed to drill and thrill you like never before.
The Truth Pool is a pristine state of the art facility large enough to hold many thrill seekers with skilled lifeguards stationed to reassure & assist swimmers.


Extensive world class drink collections with first class drink service from the finest barmaids. Every sip tastes like the elixir of life as you enjoy the priceless view from the beach where the sun meets the sea


Taste the deliciousness of Eden in every bite as you enjoy any of our continental or world class cuisines served with exquisite allure for an unforgettable dining experience


Feel reborn! Surrender yourself for an intense session of therapeutic pampering and tender caressing to ease your body and mind from every weight or hurt and unleash your inner energy within


Feel the coarse tenderness of the beach sands on your feet as you enjoy the peerless view of the sun against the vast sea. Make the resort your personal playground as you explore our collection of beach toys and enjoy a variety of games


Retire into luxury in any of our lavishly furnished rooms designed to pamper and tend to your inconceivable holiday needs. Sleep like royalty and rise with more vim than the morning sun.


Indulge in a variety of themed games called “Truth Games” like paint balling, monopoly, beach volleyball, tennis, beach soccer and other exhilarating outdoor/indoor events designed to take the edge off and invoke euphoria for a truly sensational experience


Free your mind and loosen your body as you strengthen your chakra to harness your inner chi. Our yoga sessions will have you feeling rejuvenated in body mind and soul, what a priceless experience